Tile Quality Control (TQC)

What is it?
It is an advanced Quality Control system developed by NOW Electronics to inspect defects in roof tiles. It is:
• Easy to integrate in a production line;
• Compact;
• Fully customizable.

How does it work?
• A set of cameras does surface and 3D analysis;
• The sound control system analyzes the tile resonance;
• A specific software based in our Automatic Vision Test platform (AVT) processes and analyzes the data;
• The collected data is then stored for statistical analysis.

How can it help you?
• It improves the quality. Tiles outside the tolerances are automatically removed from the production line;
• It is faster than visual inspection (more than 1 tile/sec);
• It is less expensive than visual inspection. It is expected, a return of investment within a period 2 – 5 years, depending on the particularities of your company;
• It releases people from tedious work (visual inspection) so they can be re-assigned to tasks where they can add value to the process;
• It collects data for statistical analysis of the process.

"No one can compete with a robot doing a robot's job. People will be happier doing tasks where they can make the difference."

What defects does it detect?
• Cracks;
• Dimensional defects. Thanks to the 3D analysis it is also possible to detect bending and torsion defects;
• Other surface and internal defects.

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