NOW has worked in a number of projects with both hardware and software in the Med-tech industry. Projects have comprised vision and machine learning for screening in pharmaceutical production and medical screening. Some projects have reulte in complete products and in other projects NOW has delivered parts of the product design.


  • 2019-10-22 17:27 Vision, Mekanik, Test & Stimuli, Medicinteknik, Mjukvara, Elektronik

    Microscope Camera

    Monochrome CCD camera for electron microscope
    Sensor: ON Semi KAI-04070
    Resolution: 2048×2048
    Frame rate: Max 25 fps
    Pixel depth: 14 bits
    Large FPGA and DDR3 memories for complex image processing in the camera
    GigE Vision video streaming to the host PC

  • 2019-10-22 17:35 Mjukvara, Universitet & Forskning, Medicinteknik

    Analysis of medical data in Matlab

    A tool in Matlab to adapt features to the medical measurement data from experiments with luminescence and fluorescence.

  • 2019-10-22 17:38 Elektronik, Mjukvara, Medicinteknik, Industriell automation

    Controller board

    Controller board with multiple interfaces for DC motors, stepper motors, encoders, and position and photo sensors. The board is controlled by a PC-104 module via an ISA-bus, and includes an Altera Cyclone III FPGA. The board also supports automatic electronic monitoring of the motor current, board voltages and temperature, in order to allow emergency shutdown without the help of software (handled by the FPGA).

  • 2019-10-24 11:17 Flyg & Rymdteknik, Industriell automation, Försvar & Säkerhet, Mekanik, Medicinteknik, Startups & Prototyper, Automotive, Universitet & Forskning, Test & Stimuli, Elektronik


    NOW helped with addressing electrical safety and EMC-related problems in a measuring instrument for industrial processes. The customer’s external PCB layout resource received directives from NOW.

  • 2019-10-24 11:19 Medicinteknik, Elektronik

    High-voltage AC/DC power supply

    NOW has developed a high-voltage AC/DC power supply. The unit is used to charge large capacitors, who are part of a medical system.

  • 2019-10-24 11:27 Elektronik, Medicinteknik, Startups & Prototyper

    Analogue telephone

    Design of an analogue telephone (PSTN). The device is included in an audio/visual aid for persons with hearing loss. The phone is connected to the telephone network, and also (via galvanically isolated inputs and outputs) to a PC via a 3.5 mm jack plug.

  • 2019-10-24 11:29 Elektronik, Medicinteknik, Mjukvara

    Video mixer

    Development of a video mixer that mixes images from two cameras and a computer – a tool for the visually impaired. The unit provides contrast enhancement and artificial colors in real time. The electronics consists of two circuit boards, and everything is controlled by an Altera Cyclone I FPGA, programmed in VHDL. The FPGA has a built-in soft NIOS processor, which is programmed in C.

  • 2019-10-24 11:32 Industriell automation, Försvar & Säkerhet, Medicinteknik, Mekanik, Automotive, Flyg & Rymdteknik, Vision, Test & Stimuli, Mjukvara, Elektronik

    Vision system for inspecting dashboards

    NOW has developed a vision system for inspecting dashboards. The system is built using DirectShow and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. Cameras deliver images that are handled in real time. Possible parameters to inspect are: colour, intensity, shape, symbols, segment displays, LCD displays, indicator positions and indicator needle movement. The application encapsulates a scripting language that is easily configured through a graphichal interface. Optional controls/commands are carried out in sequence. The system communicates with the client’s control system via TCP/IP.



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