NOW Electronics AB is looking for an electronics designer for analogue electronics. NOW Electronics is a consulting firm that offers services in electronics design, image processing and embedded programming. We do most of our designs in-house. The company currently has around 20 employees but plans to expand. We work with well known companies in the Swedish industry.


As an electronics designer at NOW Electronics, you will work in different types of customer projects. You will primarily be working with design, but sometimes also support the sales process as a technical expert. Here you will get the opportunity to work with a broad focus on analogue technology, for example implement sensors, signal or power electronics. The designs are often part of industrial, medical or military systems.
As an electronics designer at NOW you are offered a varied role, where you will get the opportunity to be the designer of some projects but in others function as Team Leader.

You will, for example:

  • Implement advanced electronics for cameras and other sensors
  • Develop of power electronics
  • Perform EMC measurements and solve EMC problems
  • Develop concepts for new products and systems

At the office we work in small teams, which means that you are close to business and thus have an overall perspective. The assignments that NOW Electronics work with are of different nature, which offers great variety and different techniques.


You are a Master of Science in electronics/engineering physics or equivalent, and have at least 3 years experience of qualified development in the electronics field.


  • Experience in analogue electronics development
  • PCB design including schematic entry and simulation with eg Spice
  • Like to work close to the customer
  • Want to work with technical problem solving
  • Deep technical interest

It is an advantage if you have worked with RF, EMC problems and have experience of the whole system, with processors, FPGAs and programming.
In addition, you have good knowledge of Swedish and English, as documentation and customer contacts occur in both languages.

Applications are sent to: PGEgY2xhc3MgPSAibF9tYWlsIGxfbmV3X3dpbmRvdyIgaHJlZj0ibWFpbHRvOm1haWxib3hAbm93LnNlIiB0YXJnZXQ9X2JsYW5rPm1haWxib3hAbm93LnNlPC9hPg==

Questions about the service are answered by Henrik Wallin, Tel 08 6320792


+46 8 632 07 90