NOW offers expert knowledge within vision. We deliver consultant services and develop vision components alternatively complete tailor-made vision systems.

NOW works with image analysis applications for industrial, medical and military use. The demands are often high on both real-time aspects and reliability.

A system usually consists of lighting, camera, mechanics, computer and software. NOW has the knowledge of lighting, optics, electronics, image analysis methods and system development, needed for a successful vision project.

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Most of our vision system deliveries are based upon our propriatory platform Automatic Vision Test System (AVT), an easy-to-use general purpose vision software developed during 10+ years. AVT is utilized in many different applications, as quality control when producing automotive instrument clusters, clay roof tiles and steel rods.

General Visions platform AVT (Automatic Vision Test)

Most of NOW’s vision systems are based on a general vision platform (AVT). AVT is an advanced graphical vision environment that is designed to perform a large amount of tasks in a flexible way. AVT offers a variety of vision tools and supports all Ethernet and Firewire cameras.

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