Chemical industry

NOW was contacted by a firm who had problems with one or their products, a measuring device in the chemical industry. NOW went through the designs of the different curcuit boards in the unit, and ... Read more

Wireless sensor unit

Development of hardware and software for a wireless sensor unit in a calibration tool. The project included Bluetooth Low Energy, laser, image sensor, USB and Lithium-ion battery.


Inspection of automatic lathing

In lathing defects may occur caused by a worn or damaged lathe steel. NOW has developed a vision system for automatic inspection of automatic lathing with high precision. Data is stored in a data base for ... Read more


RFID communication board

NOW has developed an RFID communication board, together with antennas. The board reads both half and full duplex RFID tags. A carrier wave from a TX antenna activates the RFID tag who answers with an ... Read more


Test of safety critical software

NOW’s vision platform AVT is used for recursive tests of safety critical software.

During the development of the software, new functions are added, and bugs are corrected. At every new release, all parts of the software ... Read more


Inspection of edges on metal details

A tool has been developed for inspection of edges on metal details in a production line. The tool inspects measurements and form, and looks for notches and excess material, as small as some ten microns.


Inspection of tinned cables

A vision system for inspection of tinned cables has been developed. The system looks for holes in the tinning. The cable is inspected in real time, when it passes four cameras, with the help of proprietary algorithms. The system ... Read more


Inspection of production

A system has been developed for inspection of production of coaxial cables. The system continously inspects the quality of the wowen copper shield to see if there are to large openings in the braid. The ... Read more

Kvalitetskontroll av tegelpannor (TQC)2

Quality control in 2D and 3D (TQC)

Vision systems for difficult environments with Firewire cameras and audio analysis. The system is used for inspection/quality control in roof tile production, both in 2D and 3D. The size of the tiles is checked, and ... Read more

Ett verktyg i Matlab för att kalibrera och simulera en IR-kamera. Här kan också 3D-brus mätas på filmsekvenser, vilket är ett bra mått på IR-sensorns kvalitet.

Simulation of an IR camera in Matlab

A tool in Matlab which is used for calibration and simulation an IR camera . You can also measure 3D noise in videos, which is a good way to measure the IR sensor quality.


Precision electronics

Development of analog and digital precision electronics for a measurement instrument. The system includes up to twelve 24-bit measurement channels, an Altera Cyclone II FPGA for collecting measurement data, GPS, Ethernet, USB and an LCD. ... Read more


Inspection of bending

In a very short time, NOW developed a vision system for inspection of bending. The system with two Firewire cameras, lighting, control electronics and PC software, automatically inspected the bending of an tinned component pin. ... Read more


Vision application in a production line

A vision application to inspect a mechanical detail in a production line has been designed. The application looks for defects, where for example an edge may have been damaged.


Modular data collection

Development of hardware and software for video and audio collection systems in ships. The assignment involved multiple projects, since the system is modular with a CPU board as a base and expansion boards for each subproject. ... Read more

Distribution of MPEG4 video

Distribution of MPEG4 video over the network for the monitoring of the process. Server/client modules converts DirectShow technology, and can easily be integrated in VisualStudio.net-environment.


CCD Camera

A complete CCD camera for military use, including mechanics, electronics and software, has been developed by NOW. The camera records a 14-bit 2048×2048 video at 160 Msamples/s. A lossless image compression with a proprietary algorithm ... Read more


TFT Display

Embedded 8.4@ TFT display with software, mechanics and image processing. Used in military operator systems under harsh environments for displaying camera video, with crosshairs and OSD (On Screen Display). Includes a microprocessor for system control ... Read more

Control and regulation programs

NOW has developed control and regulation programs to hydrally controlled hand tools for crimping terminals. A PIC processor was programmed in assembler.

Bildbehandlingsmjukvara (AVT)

Vision system for inspecting dashboards

NOW has developed a vision system for inspecting dashboards. The system is built using DirectShow and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. Cameras deliver images that are handled in real time. Possible parameters to inspect are: colour, ... Read more

Inmatning av pendel

Measurement of a pendulum

A vision application for measurement of a pendulum. The pendulum is affected by swirls of molten steel which occur when draining the steel.

Detektering av handtag (HDS)

Vision system for plastic crates

A vision system for plastic crates, where the position of the handles is checked in production. The crates can’t be stacked if the handle is in the wrong position. An analogue camera, lighting and image processing ... Read more

Temperaturreglering med övervakning av värmejackor inom exempelvis halvledarindustrin. Styrkort med temperaturmätning med termoelement (K-element) och PID-reglering av temperatur. Inställning av börvärde och reglerparametrar via tvåtråd med kombinerad CAN-länk och spänningsmatning. Kontinuerlig övervakning av verklig temperatur och eventuella feltillstånd. uPD78F9850AMC programmerad i C från NEC används. Kortet uppfyller IEC60065 (EN60065).

Temperature regulation

Temperature regulation of heating jackets used for example in the semiconductor industry. Control boards with temperature measurement using thermocouples (K elements) and PID regulation of the temperature. The setpoint and control parameters are set via a two-wire interface ... Read more

Video - uppspelning-inspelning

Video playback/recording

Integration of video playback/recording functionality in an airborne system. Server and multi-client viewing of MPEG-4 encoded video with system logging. On the client-side DirectShow functionality in Windows XP (CPCI) is used. Simultaneous viewing and recording of 4 ... Read more

Production test of air-driven hand tools

For production test of air-driven hand tools NOW has developed equipment for the measurement of torque and speed with engine braking, air flow and other parameters. Complete system deliveries have taken place at the customer. ... Read more


Testing of mobile phones batteries

A system for testing of mobile phones batteries. A test-head with spring pins connect to the battery, and a Windows XP/2000/NT- based PC-system, with an I/O board developed by NOW, perform tests of batteries in ... Read more


Checking of labels

A system for reading and checking of labels. A line-scan camera scans the label as it passes by, and a computer with a frame grabber board, a control board and image processing software interprets the image. The printing ... Read more


Frame grabber/image processor

NOW has developed an image processor for traffic tolls. It is a PCI board with two camera inputs for optical fiber. The design included PCBs and VHDL code for “soft” parallel processing in FPGA used for image ... Read more

inmatning av hål

Measuring cooling channels

NOW has developed vision functions for integration into the customer’s machine for measuring cooling channels etc. in tool steel. Angle and position were measured. The delivery included DLL files for integration into the customer’s application, ... Read more


Frame grabber (Linux-based)

NOW has developed a Linux-based frame grabber for a measurement application. The frame grabber has two camera inputs with flexible triggering, and it has Ethernet connection. A specially developed card controls the lighting.


Measuring of reference marks

NOW has developed algorithms for extremely accurate (30 nm) measuring of reference marks in laser drawing machines. The reference marks have several specially designed appearances. NOW started from scanned images and optimized the image analysis algorithms to ... Read more

Reference measurement

NOW has developed a very cost effective vision function for integration into the customer’s plate bending machine. The vision algorithms are based upon NOW’s vision library, and they find and align to reference marks. Each machine ... Read more


CD inspection system

NOW has developed an CD inspection system, to be integrated in a machine for manufacturing CDs. NOW made a market research and selection of the fast CCD line scan camera which loads an image of the ... Read more