CE certification

A CE certification study was made on a resistance meter used for quality measurements in production. Applicable directives and standards were investigated. Part of the project was to review the current design against CE, and to ... Read more


Flex-rigid PCB

A circuit board for evaluation of IR sensors, previously developed by NOW, was redesigned into a flex-rigid PCB. The board consists of five rigid parts, with flexes in between. The board has sensitive analogue parts ... Read more


Chemical industry

NOW was contacted by a firm who had problems with one or their products, a measuring device in the chemical industry. NOW went through the designs of the different curcuit boards in the unit, and ... Read more


Small interface-board for noisy environments

A small interface-board for noisy environments has been developed. It has an RS485 interface where you can control termination and bias resistors. It also has a mode for BPS (Bits-Per-Second) signalling for a very low ... Read more

Wireless sensor unit

Development of hardware and software for a wireless sensor unit in a calibration tool. The project included Bluetooth Low Energy, laser, image sensor, USB and Lithium-ion battery.

Generellt I/O-kort

General I/O board

A small and compact general I/O board with outputs for power, analogue I/O:s for 0-20 mA or 0-28 V, digital I/O:s that withstand 28 V, CAN and IO-Link, halfbridges with up to 2.6 A current ... Read more


RFID communication board

NOW has developed an RFID communication board, together with antennas. The board reads both half and full duplex RFID tags. A carrier wave from a TX antenna activates the RFID tag who answers with an ... Read more


Circuit board for communication

A circuit board for communication between different interfaces has been designed. The board has an ARM processor in the STM32F series, with an SPI Flash, and the interfaces are isolated CAN, Ethernet, USB Full-Speed, RS485, ... Read more

Sensor1 elektronmikroskop

Microscope Camera

  • Monochrome CCD camera for electron microscope
  • Sensor: ON Semi KAI-04070
  • Resolution: 2048×2048
  • Frame rate: Max 25 fps
  • Pixel depth: 14 bits
  • Large FPGA and DDR3 memories for complex image processing in the camera
  • GigE Vision video streaming to the host PC

Video distribution with GigE Vision

NOW has systematized and developed a family of printed circuit boards that distribute video over the Ethernet standard GigE Vision. The video is sent in uncompressed format and can be sent from the transmitter to a receiver ... Read more

Utläsningselektronik för högpresterande stirling kyld IR - sensor

Read-out electronics

  • Read-out electronics for high-performance stirling cooled IR-sensor
  • Compact electronic design
  • Flex-rigid PCB
  • Sensitive analog electronics

Precision electronics

Development of analog and digital precision electronics for a measurement instrument. The system includes up to twelve 24-bit measurement channels, an Altera Cyclone II FPGA for collecting measurement data, GPS, Ethernet, USB and an LCD. ... Read more


Inspection of bending

In a very short time, NOW developed a vision system for inspection of bending. The system with two Firewire cameras, lighting, control electronics and PC software, automatically inspected the bending of an tinned component pin. ... Read more


Controller board

Controller board with multiple interfaces for DC motors, stepper motors, encoders, and position and photo sensors. The board is controlled by a PC-104 module via an ISA-bus, and includes an Altera Cyclone III FPGA. The board also ... Read more

NOW har tagit fram ett antal boxar med olika kamerainterface, och omvandlat dessa till CameraLink-format för vidare inkoppling till FrameGrabberkort i Unix-dator, för analys av bilder i forskningsprojekt.

Camera-Link converter boxes

NOW has developed a number of Camera-Link converter boxes, where video from different sources are converted to Camera-Link format to allow to be connected to a Frame-Grabber board in a Unix computer in order to analyse ... Read more


Data communication

NOW has developed two circuit boards for the evaluation of data communication over a two-wire, superimposed on the supply voltage. The data transmitting uses different speeds and methods, in very noisy environments.


Professional film camera with HD resolution

NOW has participated in the development of a professional film camera with full HD resolution (1920×1080) and 12-bit color depth. In the camera there are seven different PCBs, and one more in a pluggable memory ... Read more


Motor Driver PCB

One older relay armed motor driver PCB is replaced by a semiconductor one. Requirements from the customer was full compatibility regarding physical size, hole pattern and interface to the system in general. The design includes modern ... Read more


Integrator for MEMS sensors

An integrator specially developed for MEMS sensors was included in a preliminary study in order to find a replacement for conventional solutions. The undertaking included schematics and internal PCB CAD and experiments.


Data storage board

Development of hardware for a data storage board in ship systems. The board is controlled by an Atmel ARM9263 processor, and has a 10/100 Ethernet channel, USB and NMEA interfaces. The board is designed to handle extended ... Read more


RF circuit board

Designed parts of an RF circuit board designed for a radar environment simulation 0.5 to 2 GHz. The PCB contains 2 GHz PLLs with -150dBc/Hz @ 1MHz in phase noise, and real-time control of the DDS ... Read more


Modular data collection

Development of hardware and software for video and audio collection systems in ships. The assignment involved multiple projects, since the system is modular with a CPU board as a base and expansion boards for each subproject. ... Read more


Frame grabber

NOW has developed a frame grabber PCB for an assembly machine. The board has been kept alive with component updates to new versions, and has now been produced in various forms for many years.


Data collection (HDLC, synchro-digital)

Redesign of a data collection device for weapons systems calibration. The device has both analog and digital (HDLC, synchro-digital) inputs with various dedicated interfaces. An Altera FPGA manages the data flow from the inputs to ... Read more

Datainsamling (GPS)

Collecting data from GPS

PCB design for collecting data from GPS etc in ship systems. The circuit board follows the customer’s compact build system, and can operate either as a slave or master. The board receives six NMEA channels, has two ... Read more



NOW helped with addressing electrical safety and EMC-related problems in a measuring instrument for industrial processes. The customer’s external PCB layout resource received directives from NOW.

Fire alarm

Feasability studies for a robust fire alarm, for use in for example an engine house, have been made. The product was based upon two-wire communication and had electronics for up to +150 degrees Celsius use.


High-voltage AC/DC power supply

NOW has developed a high-voltage AC/DC power supply. The unit is used to charge large capacitors, who are part of a medical system.

Inductive coupling to a power cable

Feasibility study where the ability to drive electronics via the inductive coupling to a power cable were examined. The difficulty lay in that the power cable would run through the electronic unit, and therefore the ... Read more


CCD Camera

A complete CCD camera for military use, including mechanics, electronics and software, has been developed by NOW. The camera records a 14-bit 2048×2048 video at 160 Msamples/s. A lossless image compression with a proprietary algorithm ... Read more


Jitter attenuator to a military communication link

Development of a jitter attenuator to a military communication link. NOW developed the analog and digital electronics. Sampling, data reconstruction and digital phase-lock (clock recovery) was made in an Altera CPLD.


TFT Display

Embedded 8.4@ TFT display with software, mechanics and image processing. Used in military operator systems under harsh environments for displaying camera video, with crosshairs and OSD (On Screen Display). Includes a microprocessor for system control ... Read more


Analogue telephone

Design of an analogue telephone (PSTN). The device is included in an audio/visual aid for persons with hearing loss. The phone is connected to the telephone network, and also (via galvanically isolated inputs and outputs) to a ... Read more

Kontrollerkort (El-display)

Controller board for an EL display

NOW has developed a controller board for an EL display. Among other things clock signals to the display are created, and the board includes a DC/DC converter 200V.


Flow Meter

Construction of a flow meter. The instrument measures the flow with the pressure-differential-method (linear plot). The user reads the flow on a CCD-display. The instrument is controlled by a PIC processor, 4-20mA output, as well as ... Read more


Video mixer

Development of a video mixer that mixes images from two cameras and a computer – a tool for the visually impaired. The unit provides contrast enhancement and artificial colors in real time. The electronics consists of ... Read more

NOW har varit med vid framtagning av front till bilinstrument. Kravspecificering, val av custom CMOS-display-leverantör, tillverkning av prototyper, verifiering, testutrustning och tillverkningsunderlag, var delar som ingick i uppdraget

CMOS display

NOW participated in the development of a display for car dashboards. Requirements specification, selection of a custom made CMOS display supplier, manufacturing of prototypes, verification, testing equipment and manufacturing, were included in the commission.

Integrator for laboratory use

Design of an integrator for laboratory use. The instrument integrates pulses down to 5 ns, this demands a high performance on both the analog components and the ultra-fast ECL logic.

Kontrollerkort (DVI)

Controller board

A controller board for a 30 inch DVI flat panel. An Atmel microprocessor manages the display control and serial port communication. The system is situated at an operator seat with military requirements.


Display system

NOW has contributed more than 20 man-years at a customers with developing of an advanced display system, including specifications, analog and digital electronics, FPGA and ASIC methodology and coding, real-time ... Read more

Temperaturreglering med övervakning av värmejackor inom exempelvis halvledarindustrin. Styrkort med temperaturmätning med termoelement (K-element) och PID-reglering av temperatur. Inställning av börvärde och reglerparametrar via tvåtråd med kombinerad CAN-länk och spänningsmatning. Kontinuerlig övervakning av verklig temperatur och eventuella feltillstånd. uPD78F9850AMC programmerad i C från NEC används. Kortet uppfyller IEC60065 (EN60065).

Temperature regulation

Temperature regulation of heating jackets used for example in the semiconductor industry. Control boards with temperature measurement using thermocouples (K elements) and PID regulation of the temperature. The setpoint and control parameters are set via a two-wire interface ... Read more

Temperature sensor

Evaluation of analogue electronics for a temperature sensor -40 to +100 degrees, 4-20 mA.


Power supply board

NOW has served as specialists help with a power supply board for a device in a German air fighter. The more than three man-years long assignment included studies, specifications, five PCBs, DC/DC and AC/DC converters, microcontrollers, ... Read more


EMC improvements

NOW has simulated and implemented EMC improvements on an infrared camera to meet the requirements of the automotive environment. Improvements were made primarily on the link between the controller and the camera, but also on ... Read more


Military memory module

Development of a portable military memory module and its holder, for use in a tank. The mechanical design is very robust in order to withstand the environment of military combat vehicles. The electrical interface to the ... Read more


I/O board

NOW has developed an I/O board with several interfaces to solenoids, rotary encoders, linear position transducers and more. The board is controlled by a PC104 bus (ISA), and contains an Altera Cyclon-FPGA with integrated soft NIOS ... Read more


Testing of mobile phones batteries

A system for testing of mobile phones batteries. A test-head with spring pins connect to the battery, and a Windows XP/2000/NT- based PC-system, with an I/O board developed by NOW, perform tests of batteries in ... Read more


Checking of labels

A system for reading and checking of labels. A line-scan camera scans the label as it passes by, and a computer with a frame grabber board, a control board and image processing software interprets the image. The printing ... Read more


Line-scan Camera

NOW has designed all the electronics to a line-scan camera, four circuit boards. The CCD has eight outputs to eight A/D converters, each of these has a 30 MHz data rate, which gives 160 Mpixel/sec. The electronics ... Read more


Frame grabber/image processor

NOW has developed an image processor for traffic tolls. It is a PCI board with two camera inputs for optical fiber. The design included PCBs and VHDL code for “soft” parallel processing in FPGA used for image ... Read more


Control PCB for sputtering aggregates

A control PCB for sputtering aggregates with monitoring of current, voltage, power and energy. The PCB contains a Spartan FPGA from Xilinx, a Rabbit microprocessor, and analog interfaces for accurate measurements and control in a very disturbed ... Read more


Programming of FPGAs

Programming of FPGAs in the Xilinx 4000 series at the customer premises. The FPGAs were used for motor control and signal processing, etc. The circuits were programmed in VHDL using the tools Modelsim and Xilinx ... Read more


Frame grabber (Linux-based)

NOW has developed a Linux-based frame grabber for a measurement application. The frame grabber has two camera inputs with flexible triggering, and it has Ethernet connection. A specially developed card controls the lighting.


Photodiode detectors in the NIR range

For personal protection in an assembly machine NOW has developed electronics working in the NIR range. Ten parallel channels of transmitters/receivers, photodiode detectors with extreme dynamics, including optics, analogue and digital electronics.


Video conversion equipment

NOW has developed a video conversion equipment which performs conversions between different video formats, for a test station used to test and develop printed circuit boards for an advanced military airborn/flight display system. The system ... Read more


Stimulus-generation equipment

NOW has developed several generations of stimulus-generation equipment, for a test station used to test and develop printed circuit boards for an advanced military airborn/flight display systems. A system contains up to three boards of the ... Read more


PCBs to mounting machine

NOW has worked with a number of PCBs to an automatic mounting machine.

The cooperation with the customer started in the eighties (before Windows, in a time when most electronic components still were hole mounted), and ... Read more

CCD detector to spectrometer

NOW has participated in the development of a CCD detector to an Echelle-spectrometer, with drive electronics to a Mpixel CCD, clock generation to the chip, 16-bit A/D and frame grabber, Peltier-cooling with regulation.