Automatic Vision Testing (AVT) is an advanced vision platform that can carry a large amount of data in a flexible manner . With the help from the configuration modes graphical user interface and its “drag and drop” functionality, the user can easily add vision-tests. The program’s password-protected operator mode presents the results in a clear and informative manner. The system supports an unlimited number of cameras and audio sources of the largest brands in industrial vision.

• Unlimited number of cameras (Firewire, Ethernet, USB).
• Support for Area Scan, Line Scan and 3D cameras.
• General vision tests : Edge , line, pie, point of reference and measuring tool for distances, angles etc.
• Specialized vision tests: LED bargraph , Segment Display, TFT display, Matrix Display, Gauge, Template matching , barcode (1D and 2D).
• TCP / IP-based network protocol for communication between the customer’s test engine and AVT.