NOW develops the software and electronics of tomorrow for leading high-tech companies

Many years of experience and a variety of advanced projects has resulted in a broad expertise. NOW offers everything from minor expert consultation to the development of complete system solutions and products. To read about some of our completed projects, click here!


NOW is developing advanced electronic products that require tailor-made hardware. The demands for real-time properties and reliability are often high. We do everything from providing expertise to total responsibility with a fixed price.


NOW is working on software development, both on internal projects and as consultants. The requirements on reliability, real-time properties and documentation are usually very high.

NOW has solid experience from software development under Windows, a number of UNIX varieties, such as Sun Solaris and Linux, as well as a number of embedded systems. NOW is using modern tools, an object based development-model and a component based strategy.

NOW offers expertise within software development. We deliver consultations or develops complete applications and software components. NOW has a long and wide experience from software production, a working quality system and uses modern tools to ensure a uniform and high quality.

Machine Vision

NOW works with image analysis applications for industrial, medical and military use. The demands are often high on both real-time aspects and reliability.
A system usually consists of lighting, camera, frame-grabber card, computer and software.
NOW – system contractor and consultant NOW offers expert knowledge within vision. We can deliver consultant services and develop vision components alternatively complete tailor-made vision systems.
NOW has the knowledge of lighting, optics, electronics, image analysis methods and system development, needed for a successful vision project.

Test & Stimulus

NOW develops equipment for production testing of electric and physical properties of products as well as supervision using vision. We have also developed stimuli equipment that generates signals to electronic products for verification of function and reliability.

Test equipment usually consists of a mechanical fixture, test electronics, data collection devices and software. The equipment is often designed to be fully automatic or used with a minimum of interaction. Depending on the tested product’s complexity, different help functions can be built into the system, and thus simplifies trouble-shooting and repair. At times a database with test results can be a very appreciated feature, which NOW readily implements in or against an existing quality system.

Stimulus equipment usually simulates product properties to ensure function in other parts of a system. The settings may in most cases be controlled by software to simplify the administration of the system.

NOW uses both self-developed system components and standard components from leading manufacturers. For the development of the necessary software we use for example LabView™, Java, Xcaliper™, Visual Basic™, Visual C++™ or C.