NOW develops advanced electronic products that require tailor-made hardware. The demands for real-time properties and reliability are often high. We do everything from providing expertise advice to total responsibility for a product development from idea to serial product.

NOW has a long experience from analogue and digital design. We use different schematic caption tools, simulation tools and programming languages on a daily basis, all according to customer demands. We also do the PCB layout for some of our PCBs. Besides electronic design, we also design the surrounding mechanics and device drivers.

To read more about some of our completed projects within electronics, click here!

We have a number of tools and instruments available to develop high-technological hardware with high quality. Examples of tools and instruments:

  • Schematic caption tools: Orcad, Protel, Altium, PADS
  • Layout tool: Altium
  • FPGA tools: Altera Quartus II, Altera QSys (System Integration Tool), ModelSIM (vhdl simulation), Nios II (soft CPU core), Eclipse (C/C++)
  • Mechanical CAD tool: SOLIDWORKS
  • NOW has its own electronics lab, and also has access to environment facilities and EMC-lab
  • Oscilloscopes, logic analysers, frequency counters, pulse generators, video generators, spectrum analyzer, IR camera, climate chambers, etc

Camera projects

NOW has participated in the development of a number of cameras of different kinds.

See some of these camera projects here.

NIMSES - a platform for evaluation of image sensors and ROICs

NIMSES is a general purpose platform for test and evaluation of FPA/ROIC/image sensors, for example IR-sensors (LWIR, HWIR, SWIR). The system can be configured for ROIC-circuits and sensors from different manufacturers, e.g. FLIR and Xenics. NIMSES may be adapted to meet customer requirements, for example may the analog interface or the image processing be optimized. NOW has effective resources for these kind of customizations.

Read more about NIMSES here.